Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome to the 1% Difference

So much of what is advertised in our society or what we try to do today is all about being better than the other guy, your competitor, or your opponent. We get totally focused on one particular success factor and figure that if we don't practice, learn and improve to the point where we can be 50% better than those we are trying to compete with, then we are going to be an total failure.

Though all of the components of improving your personal skillset or your value proposition as a company involve picking a success factor or two and figuring out what success looks like, the reality is that you can usually outshine your competition, whether it be a corporate environment or a dance recital by miles by being just a little bit better................BUT IN MANY SUCCESS FACTORS!

Let's take Tiger Woods as an example. Though he hits long drives off the tee, he is short of being the longest driver on the tour by an average of 30 yards, that's 10% less than the top guy. Even more telling is that he hits 20% fewer fairways than the top player on the tour. Tiger is however at or near the top in greens hit in regulation, sand saves, and number of putts per round.

When you put this all together and add some subjective factors that can't be measured like his mental toughness, his ability to handle the pressure of the media spotlight, and his desire to become the greatest player in the history of golf, Tiger Woods now becomes far and away the greatest player in golf today.

So you see it isn't about a single factor being the difference between success and failure. It is about continuous improvement, setting goals, and being driven to be better in all areas of your life, your job, or your pastimes.

This is my first blog..........I had never created one before. In fact before last week I had seen them but didn't really know how they were used or created. This was just one component of the realization that I didn't really understand social media, but that I could use it as a tool to become 1% BETTER at my business.

I created this blog because I am passionate about this subject, live it, talk about it regularly, teach it to my sales team, and discuss it with my business partners. My goal is to use this blog to share the 1% factors with anyone who cares to read about them. I welcome comment, discussion, input, and content that can be helpful in fostering continuous improvement. I particularly welcome input from young people who want to know how they can use the 1% Difference to create an edge in their life.

I hope you all enjoy reading, learning and implementing the 1% Difference........starting today!

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