Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't Just Listen..........Hear What Customers Want

I saw Ross Shafer years ago at one of his speaking events. What I admire most about his style is his direct "tell it from the heart" approach that translates a story that everyone can relate to. He has the unique ability to inspire through humor and make you feel part of the actual events so that you imagine actually being there.

Everyone, and every company talks a great customer service story but few actually deliver. We all know people want service and we all know we're supposed to provide it. What most people or companies can't tell you is what it looks or feels like to their customers. It often isn't clear but can be the smallest of things if we just understand the real message the customer is telling us.

This clip from a Shafer event crystalizes how easy it is to identify what a customer wants if you really HEAR what they are saying when they talk to you. What is more important is that the action taken was such a small thing, it truly falls into the category of "The 1% Difference." The impact on the customer however, was a big WOW factor and has resulted in many years of promotion for Marriott Hotels.

Enjoy this short and humorous clip that we can all relate to.

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